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Rise above the ordinary and enjoy the essential stature of grandeur. 5th Avenue is pure class 3 BHK Flats in Jaipur, who has been conceptualized for the connoisseurs with a lot of passion and prestige. Come; magnify the perspective of life’s minute joys with innovatively designed homes that truly set you apart. Be the icon of desire and the nucleus of attraction, the ultimate trend-setter which inspires the world with his intellectual assets. Glamour, glitz, the celebrity status and the ever affluent niche that you create for yourself at Upasna’s 5th Avenue is beyond compare.
It's like getting pampered and getting complimented for creating an opportunity of being pampered that gives Upasna's 5th Avenue amazing stature. You are an enigma, an entity, which goes beyond the realms of individualism to claim its class. You have evolved and emerged as a victor with every life possession you have achieved. It's time to evolve again. It's time to transform 'your' and grow above the elements, it's time to evolve and transform into an icon! Upasna's 5th Avenue is an address where pure class and pristine elegance create a confluence of life experiences that befits an evolved lifestyle perfectly.

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Evolution has a New Address and Experience has a new class to live the Glamour beyond the Ordinary.

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A master creation of the master class, that's what truly describes 5th Avenue. Located in the most influential part of the city, 5th Avenue has you seated at the core of power and dominance, Just 5 minutes walk from Statue Circle, Central Park & 18 Hole Golf Course.

Green Features

  • Tobacco smoke control: In order to minimize the adverse health impacts arising due to passive smoking, smoking is completely prohibited in common areas.
  • Energy efficient building envelope: Efficient wall design that reduces the heat transfer to interiors.
  • Façade Glass: Use of high efficient glass in the building that lets the light in but keeps the heat out
  • Low VOC paints: Use of low volatile organic compound (VOC) paints in the building to reduce the ill effects of the paints on the building occupants.
  • Non-fossil fuel facility for vehicles: To encourage the use of non-fossil fuel vehicles and to reduce the pollution from automobile use; electric charging points are provided in the parking area to charge the electric cars and two-wheelers.
  • Recycled material: Use of recycled content materials in the building construction to reduce the demand of virgin material on environment
  • Regional material: Use of regional materials (manufactured within a radius of 400km) in the building construction. This saves the transportation cost to carry the building material from the manufacturing units to the project site.
  • Adequate daylight: Apartments designed to allow daylight to reach maximum of spaces.
  • Cross ventilation: Good cross ventilation for air circulation in all apartments
  • Low flow water fixtures: Use of efficient low flow water fixtures to reduce the demand of potable water.
  • Exhaust systems: Exhaust systems in kitchens and bathrooms to improve the quality of indoor environment.
  • Native Vegetation: Maximum usage of draught tolerant, low water consuming native vegetation to reduce the irrigation water requirements
  • Efficient Irrigation system: Use of central shut-off valve, drip irrigation system, time based controllers for effective irrigation of landscape area.
  • Rain water harvesting: 100% roof and non-roof rain water harvesting to recharge the ground water level.
  • Energy metering: Electrical energy metering to monitor the kWh consumption at each major end use such as exterior lighting, municipal water pumping, water pumping for flushing and water pumping for landscaping.
  • Water metering: Water metering to monitor the water consumption at each major end use such as Landscape water consumption, Municipal water consumption, hot water consumption through solar systems, at building level
  • High SRI material on the roof: Use of high SRI tiles/material on roof to reflect maximum solar heat.
  • Design for differently abled: Elevators provided with braille and audio assistance especially for differently abled people.
  • Solar water heating system: Solar water heating system to meet hot water requirement for domestic purposes
  • FSC certified wood: Use of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood for doors, flooring etc
  • Organic waste converter: Organic waste converter provided on site to handle the organic waste generated from kitchen and garden
  • Energy efficient appliances & equipment’s: Use of minimum BEE 4 star rated pumps and motors in the building

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The Perks of International standards, a celebrity lifestyle and the best of everything that your dream home would have to offer is all here for you at a dream location on Prithviraj Road, C-Scheme, Jaipur

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5th Avenue adds exclusivity to dwellers by giving them a location having convenient access to 18 Hole Golf Course, Central Park, M.I. Road, convenient access to shops, restaurants, good schools, public transit with a posh Neighborhood.


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   B-92, Gopalbari, Nr. C-Scheme, Jaipur
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